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A Brazilian company with over 45 years’ experience producing home furniture and an talian studio - Decoma Design. A family of Italian origin established in Southern Brazil and a project team that loves to be confronted with different realities.

This combination results in an idea, the first prototypes, the shared culture of achievement, the love for details. The idea grows and the collaborative work generates a new brand: Collezione Atelier. With Collezione Atelier, the cultural mix becomes an exquisite choice, the brand provides products to the Brazilian market, focusing those who love the Italian elegance and style, family life, the warm atmosphere of a private place.

The sensory perception of volumes conveys harmony and elegance. The technical elements draw attention to the details. The everyday life experience is enriched by new shades of colors, quality materials and tactile and aesthetic combinations that can engage and captivate.

The endless horizons of Brazilian landscapes, the architecture of the great masters, the intensity of the tropical light, the wealth and contrasts of a mighty plant world are found in subtle features, designed by Collezione Atelier and curated by the Decoma Design studio.

The company is committed to improving and enhancing its know-how to achieve high quality standards in all phases of the product development process. We are currently ready to introduce Collezione Atelier, a furniture brand that will be able to meet the demands of a large country made up of a unique culture blend such as Brazil.

We feel proud and positive about the future.

Augusto Manfroi CEO

01 Felipe & Mariana Brazilian Diaries

“We invite friends to come over almost every week. Appetizers, dinners, sometimes great parties filling the house with people. I choose the wine as soon as Mariana gives me an idea of what she plans to cook. She loves to surprise her guests offering unpredictable combinations.”
Felipe & Mariana
Space dedicated to wine tasting, consisting of Theca furniture with transparent glass and an internal LED lighting system. The Doge tabletop made of Slimstone Emperador leans on the countertop. Birillo stools by Decoma Design for Saccaro.
Her world is the kitchen. She relaxes in her space, while I pick up the wine to pair with the meal, always trying to surprise myself and the guests. Winemaking became a passion for me. I studied and I’m still interested in local wines and new foreign producers.
Felipe & Mariana
Felipe & Mariana
Mariana also loves to drink wine. I remember that we were nervous on the night of our first date and had a few drinks to relax. Thus, slightly relaxed, we were able to talk and make the most of it, awkwardly and sincerely.
Felipe & Mariana
When she moved in to live with me she brought few suitcases and lots of shyness. She organized her stuff in the closets, put a few utensils in the kitchen, some pictures on the walls. Now, after almost three years, the house looks like her. New objects carefully chosen, art books, design magazines, novels everywhere.I know her. She likes to find and discover images and words at random. To read parts of different stories at the same time. In doing so, she mixes up plots and characters: she joins them, leaves them on the terrace and goes back to them over the weekend.

02 Ben, Marta, Nick & Paula Sonho em Comum

“When we met just a few words were enough to find out we had a dream in common: to have a big family. Nick was born the following year, and his arrival changed our lives. After his birth we decided to buy a new house. That was a memorable moment in our lives.”
Ben, Marta, Nick & Paula
Portofino bed with a headboard, shelves and cabinets with doors.
As Marta and I grew up in the city we wanted something different for our children - trees, green areas, the peace and tranquility of nature. So we chose this place which slowly became our little world, a relaxing and cozy corner, as quiet as the woods. A place to breathe.
Ben, Marta, Nick & Paula
Ben, Marta, Nick & Paula
Paula was born a few years later. She loves to draw and hide in the most unlikely places in the house to suddenly surprise us with a sweet smile.
When I come home at night and hear their happy voices as I enter the kitchen and see my children running around the big table, while pretending they are small chefs helping Marta prepare dinner, and then the three of them raise their eyes and look at me smiling, I understand the immense value of what I have built. Who knows we might welcome another little child in the spring...
Ben, Marta, Nick & Paula

03 Christine Cada gesto, expressão e cor. Sou fotógrafa.

“I’m always working. Even when I walk from the studio to the subway, also when I'm standing in line for a coffee, when I'm in a cab, when I shop at the 24-hour supermarket. My mind watches every gesture, every expression, every color. I love living in the city. I like to be surprised by the inspiration found around every corner. I like to watch people walking past me. Imagine their lives. I am a photographer.”
Elba walk-in closet with Rovere Cherry finish. Tangerine metal accessories and Atol platform with Rovere Cherry finish.
Stopping time is my job and also my greatest passion. Isolating moments that are not repeated. Inhaling snapshots of other people’s existence.
I often travel. I cannot organize long-term ommitments. I spend months quite busy out of town and other times I am stuck in the studio taking care of post-production and printing. Agencies and newspapers call me all the time. I just have time to pack and fly from one place to another. Everything is fast and changeable.
For me, coming home is a unique moment. Sleeping in my bed, feeling the water cascading from the shower, preparing my favorite recipes, reading a book on the couch are times I allow myself whenever I can. Ordinary things that make me relax. A slow intimacy that protects me from the buzz of the city. This house has become my "getaway" to be seen according to my essence. Illuminated according to my eyes. Filled with dreams and ambitions.

04 Catarina & Marcos Partir para Retornar

“An important part of a trip is coming back. Returning home after spending a few days somewhere else. Rediscovering our certainties, our spaces, realizing who we are and what we have built. Every trip provides us colors and experiences, encounters and memories. Everything overlaps and merges into this house that we fill with our lives. Leaving to return.”
Catarina & Marcos
Casanova kitchen, open and transparent, was designed for those who love sharing an informal life style with friends. Due to its high strength, DuPont™ Corian® Concrete was chosen to continue the design of the side shelf and the versatile front support.
I can’t imagine ourselves leaving this town one day. After all, this was where our paths crossed. We used to take the same train to go downtown. As I’m working now at home I became very attached to these living spaces - they are my time, my world and I know that sometimes Marcos envies this.
Catarina & Marcos
Catarina & Marcos
He comes home early in the evening. Before taking a shower he relaxes training box. Then he takes a peek inside the kitchen. We meet at the dining room: the recipes learned in other continents continue to feed us with nostalgia and passion. I always like to try new ingredients purchased in the markets, while Mark prefers simple flavors. Pizza and cinema every Sunday night, a ritual we have been going through since we started dating.
We choose the films and share our favorite directors. I often fall asleep next to him on the couch, so he needs to tell me the end of the film, dragging me to bed.
Catarina & Marcos

Collezione's Development

Collezione Atelier is a brand owned by Grupo SCA, a company based in a large industrial center in Rio Grande do Sul, which has been working for years manufacturing furniture. Its founders and the new generations continue the mission of the company established by a family with Italian origins.

The culture of achievement, which in the past helped define its entrepreneurial trait, today is distinguished by the dedication to internal research and the engineering of construction details. The constant development and control of production processes allow the company to offer a product that combines aesthetics research with high quality, offering the market a line of designer furniture with international characteristics made entirely in Brazil.

Collezione Atelier

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